Today we have some exciting news from across the web for all of our blog followers. You do not need to exercise like Lance Armstrong or Terell Owens to increase your lifespan and healthy years. In a study featured on NBC News participants were asked to walk every day for a total of 150 minutes. Many only walked 90 minutes per week and still achieved health benefits and extended their life expectancy by 1-3 years!


How long do you need to walk to increase your lifespan?

  1. Walking for 30 minutes every day takes up 182.5 hours per year. In contrast, sleeping 7 hours a night takes up 2,555 hours!
  2.  If you start going for a walk every day at age 30, by the time you are 80 walking has taken up almost 2% of every day.
  3. In return, your life expectancy can increase by 3 years or 3.75%! Exercise is an investment that makes sense!

From the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
At age 65 the average…Inactive person will live disability-free until 77 or 12.7 more years.

Highly active person will be disability-free until they are 83.4 years old.
That is 5.7 more years of freedom!

Another study examined 50 year olds starting to exercise again. Moderate to high physical activity levels pushed back cardiovascular disease for 1.1 to 3.2 years and increased life expectancy by 1.3 to 3.7 years! Tonight at Liberty Station is your next chance to grow stronger, happier, and live longer.





To Your Health! 

The FITzee Team